Dreampebble Pro Latex NF10 Viroclean Mattress

Our first mattress in Singapore to combat viruses with its VIROCLEAN fabric covering. Also available for 5" kids mattress.

Viroclean anti-bacterial fabric

Combines antibacterial properties with a reducing effect of viral activity, leading to less chance of virus spreading and contamination

Durable Support

Body conforming support using individually wrapped pocketed spring system, minimizing sleep disturbance to your partner

Natural Latex

One inch full natural latex layer enhances body support with comfort, adding to the relaxation of your body muscles and prolong durability

Antimicrobial treated

Technology in eliminate different types of micro-organisms or bacteria to provide a fresh and clean sleeping environment

No Flipping

Non-flip design saves the hassle of flipping the mattress but we suggest regular rotation from corner to corner to assist in equalizing the body impressions

10-year Limited Warranty

Our mattress comes with a 10-year limited warranty coverage to ensure our quality is on a par with the International Standards required